Jyoti is an excellent massage therapist. He did a visual assessment about how I was standing to assess tightness in my body. In the past when I’d get a massage, loosen one area of my back would cause tightness in another area. However, with this massage, my whole back felt balanced. It was the best I’ve felt in years. He also showed me several stretches so I could prevent problems in the future. I’d highly recommend him.


Jyoti is an extraordinary massage therapist that is committed to his work and his clients. I am continually amazed by his depth of knowledge, talent and skill. I have yet to meet a therapist as willing to take the time and care to listen, educate and explore with a client- offering self care, stretches and suggestions for lasting results.

I myself am a massage therapist, and would highly recommend Jyoti. If you want to experience a beneficial/effective massage session, Jyoti is the therapist you are looking for.


A great massage by a great professional! I have never had that good of a deep tissue massage. I had no idea you be that relaxed! Thanks Jyoti!


Jyoti gives the best massage I have ever had. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and really takes the time to talk to you about your problems. Each massage is tailored to specifically fit your needs. He then takes the time after the massage to discuss ways you can treat yourself with stretches between appointments. I have had many many massages in my life and nothing compares to the wonderful massage and treatment you get from Jyoti.


I went into Joyti in extreme pain. I left 90 minutes later feeling better than I had in weeks. He is knowledgeable, thorough and truly listens. What I liked best is that he approached my issues as a diagnostician, looking for the root cause.


My muscles really take a beating after 7+ hours a week of Crossfit. After my first visit, my mobility had improved and my soreness and tight muscles felt SIGNIFICANTLY better! Following the session, I was given tons of tips on how to improve my movements and prevent future strains. I had to go back!


Jyoti is amazing. The massage is excellent, but what really sets him apart is his knowledge and willingness to share. He’ll show you stretches to cure what ails you, explain why your muscles work (or fail to work) together, and listen to your specific concerns. He’s also an athlete, so he understands the kinds of injuries and pain points that can plague you.

I typically get the 90-minute massage, which means he takes a half hour to stretch me out and then 60 minutes for a full-body massage. He builds in a half-hour between appointments, so you don’t feel rushed getting out of there.

You can book and buy packages on the website. Location is convenient and there’s plenty of parking, and the facility is comfortable.


Jyoti is one of the best massage therapists I have been to. I have gotten several massages from Jyoti and each time the massage has gotten better. Not only does he listen to you about where your problem area is, but he is very intuitive about where to apply massage techniques to relieve pain and discomfort. His methods encourage relaxation not only in tight or tense muscles, but also where the problem stems from. He is very knowledgeable about muscle and bone structures and does a great job of explaining what is going on with you. Jyoti also recommends stretching and exercise to increase flexibility, reduce pain, and maintain relaxed muscles. I have occasional pain that stems from my sciatic nerve and Jyoti showed me how to do stretches on my own that immediately relieves the pain. It’s obvious to me that Jyoti cares about his clients and gives recommendations that will improve their physical condition between massages. I highly recommend massages from Jyoti!


I have been struggling with back and neck pain for a long time and have been to many massage therapists over the years. I have also worked for a Physical Therapy clinic that employed massage therapists, who were quite experienced and did work on me as well. I have had therapeutic massages all over Denver and well beyond this continent, but I have never had a better massage than the ones I have been getting from Jyoti at Denver Sports Massage.

He knows techniques that relieve my pain immediately once I get off the table and offers an informative and educated explanation of where the pain came from and how to alleviate it on daily basis with using stretching and adjusting the posture.

Jyoti takes the time to ask what has been bothering you and he actually does listen to what you’ve told him and focuses his effort on that area.

Just this weekend I had a horrible muscle spasm that reduced my range of motion to single digits and made my life miserable for 2 days. I called Jyoti and he was able to fit me into his schedule. I came out of the room nearly pain free and can now turn my head! (So many things we take for granted;)

I highly recommend Jyoti to anyone in need of a thorough deep tissue massage or if you just want to relax after a long week.

You are lucky if you stumbled upon his info! Call him!


Right from the start, Jyoti impressed me with his efficient, professional manner, and his willingness to go above and beyond to try to give me the relief I was seeking – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was not even sure was possible! I had given up on massage therapy as a way that could be of benefit to me. I needed a massage therapist that could help me with my myriad of physical joint problems, not just for stress and relaxation, and Jyoti has done that for me, releasing muscle tension that has “cramped my style” for years. He is amazing and I highly recommend him!