At Denver Sports Massage, we bring a clinical approach to bodywork that yields effective results.

Our professional therapists are highly-knowledgeable in anatomy and experienced with various modalities of therapeutic massage therapy.

Following an initial physical assessment to determine areas of tension or discomfort, our team will customize each session for maximum benefit – through focused bodywork, targeted stretching exercises, and helpful self-care tips for enhanced success beyond the appointment window!

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Feeling a little tense and need a quick massage? Book a single massage session!

Our experienced therapists use physical assessments to identify areas of tension, followed by customized therapeutic modalities such as focused bodywork, stretching, and self-care guidance. Our goal is to help you achieve effective results with lasting success through an understanding of the anatomy behind how your own body holds tension.

30 Minutes

Single Session: $60

60 Minutes

Single Session: $110

90 Minutes

Single Session: $160

120 Minutes

Single Session: $210

Our massage packages offer a convenient and affordable way to make wellness part of your lifestyle.

When you purchase a massage package, you can enjoy low-cost savings with our flat rate deals designed for maximum flexibility – offering the ability to share them or indulge in some personal pampering!

Plus benefit from an extra discount when you add more time or sessions. And rest easy knowing that these package funds are securely held for up to one year. So go ahead, treat yourself (or someone special) today!

Package details

  • Transferrable to anyone you choose (family, friends, even strangers).
  • May purchase add-on massage time at a discount.
  • Valid for up to 12 months.

Series of 3

60 Minutes

3 Sessions: $307.50

90 Minutes

3 Sessions: $446.25

120 Minutes

3 Sessions: $585

Series of 6

60 Minutes

6 Sessions: $570

90 Minutes

6 Sessions: $825

120 Minutes

6 Sessions: $1080

Series of 12

60 Minutes

12 Sessions: $1104

90 Minutes

12 Sessions: $1596

120 Minutes

12 Sessions: $2088

Not ready to commit to a massage package? Our convenient monthly massage membership plans offer a competitive discount on our treatments.

Enjoy the savings of package deals without buying in bulk. Members receive one 60-minute massage per month, plus discounts for additional massages and gift cards at a 10% discount. Let us help you keep your body in top form while taking advantage of unbeatable prices.

Membership Details

$95 per month includes:

  • One 60-minute massage per month.
  • Purchase additional massage time at a discount.
  • Purchase gift cards at a 10% discount.
  • Discounted rates for all additional treatments.

Membership FAQs

Your auto pay schedule is a 12 month cycle, but may be canceled at any time. A completed auto pay cancellation form must be received at least 30 days in advance of your billing cycle. If you decide to terminate your plan within the first 90 days of membership, there will be a 15% cancellation fee assessed to the total cost of services you received while enrolled in the membership program. After 90 days, there is no cancellation fee. Any unused Auto-Pays will expire 30 days from contract termination date. All you would need to do is express to us in writing your desire to terminate, with at least 30 days notice prior to your next scheduled billing date. Your billing date will occur on the 1st of each month. (Example: if you are scheduled to be charged February 1st and you want to cancel for the month of February, you must submit a cancellation form to Denver Sports Massage by no later than January 1st.)

Yes, to freeze your auto pay, a completed request must be submitted in writing at least 30 days in advance of your next billing date in order for your request to be effective from the following month. You can freeze your Auto Pay schedule once per year at any time for a fee of $15 per month. The freeze is activated at the start of the next billing cycle and can be requested in monthly increments for up to 6 months. To request the freeze, send us in writing your desire for a freeze of your account. Following the end of your requested freeze period, your monthly auto-renew will automatically be reactivated.

Yes, you can share the plan with one designated person (spouse, significant other, etc.).

Unused monthly massages will roll over to the next month for your personal use. These massages expire after 12 months. However, all unused massages will expire 30 days after your cancelled membership.

You may not combine any other discounts or promotions with a Membership Plan.