Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, performing at your best and feeling as good as possible are priorities. They often go hand-in-hand and result in better pain management, performance, and recovery. Sports massage is an incredible way to help your body recover from a grueling workout or game.

Five Mind-blowing Benefits of Sports Massage

Getting the most from sports massage begins with understanding what it can do for you. While there are numerous benefits, some of them are incredible. The following five benefits will make you want to book your appointment now.

Mellow Out

We live in a pressure cooker society. From bills to family fights, stress is everywhere. When your sports performance is not quite what you’d like it to be, or you’re slowly rehabbing an injury, it can be extremely frustrating that even your favorite sport is not the worry-free escape you would have preferred. The increased stress can become a significant burden. Fortunately, a sports massage appointment gives you a chance to forget about your cares while treating your body right.

Skip the Sheep Count and Focus on the Score

Another factor that can enhance your performance and recovery is getting enough high-quality sleep. When you’re well-rested, you’re better able to perform. You’re also better able to avoid injury and unproductive self-criticism that can keep you up at night. In fact, a recent study showed that sports massage improved several markers of mental health, including sleep.

Speedy Delivery

When you’re active, eating a balanced diet is crucial for your performance. The optimal balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for your body will vary, but these are all essential items for a healthy body. When these nutrients don’t reach their intended targets, however, you can quickly begin to feel depleted rather than refueled. Sports massage can help your body better process and deliver important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Rev Your Circulation

Good blood flow does more than give you a glowing complexion. It carries the oxygen needed for your cells to produce energy. This energy supports valuable life processes in tissues, organs, and body systems. As a result, body parts can repair themselves and carry out their proper metabolic processes.

Get in the Flow

Blood isn’t the only bodily fluid that should circulate freely throughout your body. Lymph fluid carries waste products and immune system cells. As a result, having lymph fluid that easily flows through filtering lymph nodes keeps your immune system strong and your body functioning as it should, free of waste products that can build up to problematic levels.

5 Amazing Tips To Help You Get Your Best Sports Massage

Now that you know a few benefits of sports massage, it’s time to consider how to best benefit from this highly effective treatment modality. The following five tips will help you get the most from your next sports massage.

Drink Your Water

Whether it’s blood or lymphatic fluid, healthy circulation is critical for good health. Sports massage helps encourage these processes, but it works a lot better if you are adequately hydrated. Since adequate hydration stems from drinking enough water, be sure to make it your beverage of choice. If you struggle with this, consider adding some citrus slices or other fruits to enhance the flavor and make your water more enjoyable.

Skip the Buffet

Who doesn’t love a hearty Sunday breakfast or the occasional stick-to-your-ribs dinner? From your earliest moments, you’ve been trained to equate being well-fed with being well-nurtured. If you’re like many people, you equate pampering with a luxurious spread of your favorite foods.

While it might be tempting to fill up with some calming carbs or indulge in a juicy steak, you should skip the meal prior to your appointment. If you must eat something, please keep it light, fresh, and juicy. Think seasonal produce. Fresh fruit and vegetables will also help you remain hydrated.

Speak Up

Some sports massage techniques rely on more pressure than others. Some may not be a good fit for the ticklish due to their reliance on light skin pressure. If you’re receiving a sports massage and feel uncomfortable, please speak up. Telling your massage therapist can help you feel better during your session and maximize your results afterward.

Take It Easy

Although you may feel energized enough to go about your normal routine including your workout, please take it easy. We advise caution when moving after a sports massage because some people feel a bit dizzy afterward. This feeling is typically completely normal and should pass within half an hour. If it doesn’t, please consult your healthcare provider.

Save Medical Concerns for Your Healthcare Provider

In addition to dizziness or other complications, there are several reasons you may wish to alert your healthcare provider. Occasionally, we find an unusual mole or other skin lesion on a client. While our massage therapist may have lots of experience seeing such things, they are not medical doctors and, therefore, should not be asked to provide medical advice.

Book a Sports Massage Today

After hearing these exciting benefits, you probably have more than a few questions. You might also be excited by the prospects you envision for yourself. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of sports massage, make today one for the books by booking your initial sports massage appointment.