To a man and women, we all have a responsibility to do what’s necessary to protect our health. Of course, there are the baseline things we can do like, get exercise, eat properly, avoid drugs and alcohol, and get plenty of sleep. Outside of these basic endeavors, they are other things we can do that might not seem as obvious.

One of the things you might want to consider doing is scheduling regular visits with a local massage therapist. Whether you have physical health issues or simply want to maintain good health, professional massages can be very beneficial. In fact, here are five (5) health benefits you could get over time from regular massages.

It’s noteworthy that massage therapists have a variety of massage techniques at their disposal with each one offering different kinds of health benefits.

1. Relieve Anxiety and Stress

These are interesting times for all of us. Regardless of what is going on in your life, there is a very good chance you are having to deal with too much anxiety and stress. Very rare is the person who is able to live on an even keel without having to deal with problems at work, issues within the family, or the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Left unchecked, anxiety and stress will negatively impact the quality of your life. It will eventually impact your health and your ability to function. To avoid such issues, you need to find ways to “relax.”

One of the best ways to relax is by allowing a professional massage therapist to give your body a good “going-over.” As they are pressing the stress out of your muscles, your brain will be releasing endorphins. These endorphins will be coming from the pleasure centers in your brain, bringing with them a great sense of calm.

2. Increase Energy Levels

With a lot of Americans now working in office jobs or out of their homes, far too many people are becoming lethargic. It’s true that inactivity breeds more inactivity, which often results in people feeling fatigued and at a loss for energy.

The feeling of low energy is usually a result of an inadequate amount of oxygen flowing through one’s blood. In order to combat such issues, something has to be done to get the blood flowing again. That is right in the wheelhouse of what a professional masseuse or massage therapist does. They go to work on moving muscles around with the goal of increasing the flow of healthy blood throughout the body and more specifically to the target areas of the massage.

Ultimately, the flow of more healthy blood results in more oxygen in the body, which further results in the prompting of more energy to do more things.

3. Improve Sleep

No matter what else you do to improve your health, you will never get the results you want if you don’t get enough sleep. People who don’t sleep will typically find it difficult to function properly throughout the day.

If you are having issues with sleep, it’s helpful to understand why. Some of the things that can negatively impact your sleep are:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Pain
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Using substances like caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Overexposure to blue light rays from computers and smartphones

Massages can help. They can help by slowing down your nervous system, which often results in a great sense of relaxation. A calm mind and body will always find it easier to reach the deeper states of sleep.

4. Combat Injuries and Health Conditions

The human body works like a great machine and blood serves as the “oil” that keeps the body functioning as it should. When you incur injuries or find yourself dealing with health conditions, it’s going to be your circulatory system’s job to fix what ails you.

As we described in the above section, it’s your blood that holds the key to the healing process. If you have an injury, you need better blood flow to the injured area to promote faster healing. If you are fighting bacteria or a virus, you need your immune system to work at an optimum level. That requires a healthy flow of red blood cells, white blood cells, and oxygen throughout your body.

Again, a good muscle massage will help increase your blood flow. It’s not by chance that people in third-world countries will visit a masseuse to treat health issues instead of visiting a medical doctor.

5. Improve Mental Capacity

When you need to concentrate, your mind needs to be at peace. Peace is not possible when your heart rate is elevated and your nerves are on edge. In order to think and process information efficiently, your mind needs to be calm.

Massage therapy helps take care of both of the aforementioned prerequisites for optimal brain function. It will help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure while also helping to calm your nerves.

As you can see, regular visits to a masseuse or massage therapist hold the potential of improving the way your body functions and the overall quality of your life. With that being the case, why would you not want to get a relaxing massage?

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