You may be eating healthy, getting exercise, sleeping well, and not subjecting your body to drugs or alcohol, here are three (3) easy and healthy habits you can add to your morning routine to promote even better health.

1. Create Your Daily to-do List

If you want to get a good night’s sleep, you can’t go to bed with a cluttered mind. Far too many of us make the mistake of going to bed with too much on our minds, including concerns over what we need to do the next day. To get that good night of sleep, you should do the following:

  • Go to bed at a consistent and set time every night
  • Light eating of sleep-friendly foods like berries and nuts
  • Create a good physical environment for sleeping
  • A little exercise 30 minutes before bedtime might help
  • Put down electronic devices 60 minutes before bedtime
  • Set aside worries like your challenges for the next day

It’s the last item on which we would like to focus. Every day you awaken, there will be things you want to accomplish that day. To avoid stress in the morning, you could benefit greatly by taking a few minutes to create a to-do list for the day. Being organized and directed in your daily activities will usually result in you getting more done each day.

How might this healthy habit improve your overall health? At every junction of your life, you need to avoid anxiety and stress. If creating a to-do list keeps you n target during your daily activities, that should lower your stress levels. Also, you might get a positive boost when you successfully do what you intended to do each day.

2. Meditate

It’s human nature for us to be our own worst enemies when it comes to being healthy. It is we who invite stress and anxiety into our lives. It’s we who don’t eat right or get the exercise we need. It’s we who put too much pressure on ourselves, the pressure that causes us to neglect our overall health.

If you are guilty of these self-imposed problems, it’s you who need to do something about it so you can be healthy and stay healthy. A good place to start is by learning to relax and stay calm. How?

Meditation is a very good relaxation option. If you wake up in the morning and set time aside time to meditate, it gives you the opportunity to clear your mind. Physically, it gives you a chance to learn how to control your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, all of which should be considered a healthy treat.

As for forms of meditation you might want to employ, you might want to consider:

  • Mindfulness meditation – getting in touch with body sensations
  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga – body relaxation exercises
  • Loving-kindness meditation – focus on goodwill, feelings towards others, and acts of kindness

3. Visit a Massage Therapist

Some possible healthy habits might not be as obvious as others. For instance, you might not think that simple tasks like washing your face or making your bed will help with your health. However, there is sufficient evidence that suggests doing simple tasks to start the day will help relieve stress by getting each day off to a good start.

Starting the day getting a relaxing massage can give you a jumpstart to your day. Your massage therapist is moving those tense muscles around, increasing the release of pleasure endorphins and blood flow throughout your body. How do endorphins and healthy blood improve your health? Consider these benefits:

  • Increase your energy levels to attack daily activities
  • Improve your ability to concentrate
  • Offset anxiety and stress
  • Establish positivity for the day
  • Improve your overall immune response

Take a moment and reread the above information. If you will do that, you’ll likely see how easy it is to do additional things each morning that can add to your health in a positive way. If adding easy and healthy habits to your morning routine is always a good thing, why would you hesitate to start adding tomorrow? We would recommend that you do just that as soon as possible.

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